What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

For some, the idea that your body is in constant communication with you about our emotional health is completely foreign. But what about the nagging headache that always happens on Monday morning? What about that rash that only appears as you are getting ready to visit your parents?

Is it surprising that the food allergy you always seem to have tends to disappear altogether when you are on vacation? All these are indicators of a struggle with your inner knowing and your “shoulds” “have-to’s” and “musts.”

With Emotional Freedom Techniques you can start to pin these subtle signs that areas of your life are not congruent with you who you want to be. Once you have identified the root cause and not just the symptom you can free yourself and your body from pain, discomfort, and disease.

Misalignment in romantic relationships can show up as heart pain, depression, anxiety, weight issues, money problems, and sexual challenges such as erectile dysfunction. Misalignment with your work in the world can look like back pain, addictions, migraines, and high blood pressure. There aren’t many differences between subtle indicators of one area and another. A pain that shows up to warn you that you are really driving yourself too hard is very much the same as the depression you feel in your gut when you think about going to the office on Monday morning. The insomnia that you experience when you are having major disagreements with your spouse is very much like the wine you crave when you get the prodding to follow your bliss and ignore it.When your body is providing you with such subtle indicators pay attention! When it’s telling you that you are off-track, listen and act.

Tapping serves as a beautiful tool that will help you with the struggle, with the challenges, and with the residue of not listening earlier to those cues. See more information on how to tap here. Following is an exercise to get you started and paying attention. First, write down all your aches and pains. Next tap while asking your body what it wants you to know about the emotional contributing factors. The statement to use at the Karate Chop Point can be,” Even though I don’t know why I have this constant pain in my right arm, I give my mind permission to tell me now. There is a part of me that already knows and I am listening now to the answer.” At all the points you can simply say, “I don’t know why I have this right arm pain.” You’ll be surprised to soon discover what you need to know.

The next step then is to list what is it about your relationship, finances, or career that aren’t supportive of the greatest expression of who you really are. If your relationship is fraught with arguments then tap on what you feel when you review the last fight in your mind. If you feel afraid to leave a dead end job because you are afraid you might not make money in the profession you’d like to pursue then tap on the fear. Lastly, spend some time sending love and appreciation to your body for granting you the gift of insight that will now allow you to course correct.


Image by Glynnis McDaris

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