7 Everyday Uses of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga was described by Yogi Bhajan as the “householders yoga,” or one that can be used daily and easily by everyone. In these times of constant connection to technology and the busyness by which we live, this yoga provides simple tools to help you slow down and break free from the constant onslaught of information. It is in its own sense a technology which allows you to create space and live at our highest potential. Here are 5 simple tools to incorporate into your daily routine.

1. This is a great mantra and meditation to do whenever you need to release stress and can be done anywhere for as little as 1 minute. It activates different parts of the brain to make you more calm and balances the 4 elements within you – earth, air, fire and water.

- Using both hands, touch the thumb to the index finger as you chant “Saa”

- Touch the thumb to the middle finger as you chant “Taa”

- Touch the thumb to the ring finger as you chant “Naa”

- Touch the thumb to the pinkie finger as you chant “Maa”

- Continue again with the thumb to the index finger

Another simple mantra you can use for this is “Peace” (index finger), “begins” (middle finger), “”with” (ring finger), “me” (pinkie). This is a good stress reliever to use for kids or teens as well.

These mudras or seals created with the hands have different effects. The index finger increases wisdom, middle finger brings on karma, the ring finger brings growth and the pinky enhances communication.

2. A mantra for protection which is great to use when getting in a taxi or on your bike. As you say each line, imagine you are setting a pillar of protection around 4 sides of you, your home or whatever you seek to keep safe. Start with your right hand side, moving to the back, then left, then front. These are 4 pillars of light and protection, say the mantra 3 times.


1st pillar: “Aad Guray Nameh”

2nd pillar: “Jugaad Guray Nameh”

3rd pillar: “Sat Guray Nameh”

4th pillar: “Siree Guroo Dayvay Nameh”

3. Gian Mudra is the seal of knowledge. The index finger is associated with Jupiter, which is linked to expansion and prosperity.  It evokes the most expansive version of the self, so you can flow through your life lessons with ease and calm. This is a good to do when speaking to someone so you come from your highest self. It stimulates wisdom and knowledge.

- To do this mudra, simply touch the thumb to the index finger with both hands. the fleshy part of the fingers should touch, not the nails. Breathe deeply.

4. If you are lacking sleep or feeling exhausted, baby pose is great to do for 15 minutes. The yogic texts claim this is equivalent to hours of sleep!

- Begin by sitting on the heels. Bend foreword and place the forehead on the ground, putting slight pressure on the 3rd eye (center of the brow). Arms are at the sides, palms facing up.

5. Frog pose is great for removing creative blocks, helps get the imagination going and also helps with fertility or to pro-create. Additionally, it can help with pre-menstrual tension and increases sexual energy. To do this pose:

- Squat down on the the toes, heels are touching and raised up off the ground

- Place the fingertips on the ground between the legs, the face is forward

- Inhale as your raise your hips up, keeping the fingertips on the ground, heels up and legs straight

- Exhale back down, face is forward, knees outside of arms

6. Butterfly pose is good to help you open up and shift your mood. Emotions get caught in the hips, so if you are cranky this is where it will reside in the body. This pose helps to alleviate this.

- Sitting comfortably bring bottoms of feet together, grab underneath the feet and hold the soles of the feet together

- Bounce the knees, coordinating with the breath

7. Golden Triangle  is the index and middle finger pointing outward and the thumb at their base. This is a great mudra for breakthroughs and manifesting quickly. As one of our Kundalini trainers taught us, its really effective for hailing taxis!

Image by Alison Scarpulla

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